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Because Recruitment for Thailand is Different, this Service is Designed to Serve Modern Recruitment Needs and Budgets.

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 What we do ?

We offer a Permanent Placement Recruitment Service for Thailand, with a flat-fee service at a fair price of one month’s salary for a successful placement - and with a guarantee that if a candidate does not complete their probation period then we will either return 50% of the fee, or find a replacement for you.

Traditional recruitment has been overtaken by internet-driven sourcing and candidate networking, and traditional fee levels can no longer be justified. But in the new, open and competitive market where a client has direct access to active job-seekers, they still want to hire the best possible candidates.

Our new service model for recruitment in Thailand allows clients to find qualified candidates who are not generally available from job boards - and to acquire them at a realistic cost.

Recruiment agency in Thailand

 How We Work ?

We are a Full Service Recruitment company who are 100% based in Thailand. We combine the search and selection techniques of the more traditional headhunting and recruitment industries with the reach and effectiveness of modern technologies and networks. We believe that we 'bridge the gap' between low-cost, but low-guarantee services of the job boards, and the high investment costs of of using a consultant-centric recruitment agency .

  • Sign Up for Service
  • Submit Your Job Requirement (s)
  • We Search Current Candidates on Our Database
  • If Not Sufficient -
    We will Headhunt for More
  • We Present Our Candidate Selection
  • You Conduct Your Selection Process
  • You Hire Your Chosen Candidates, and Pay Our One-Month's Placement Fee
  • IF they leave during Probation, We will Refund 50% of Your Fee or Offer a Replacement

Our process of engagement should be very familiar to you: we start work once we have confirmed a service agreement and have received - and understood - at least one Job Order from you. Our Service Fee structure is very simple: we bill one month's salary for each placement. As soon as we have your Job Order, we will perform a full search for candidates. We are constantly searching for new candidates in the market, and will screen candidates from our own database and from new headhunting activities.

In order to maintain our low, low prices for this recruitment service, we operate a very basic guarantee process: if things don't work out with your new hire during their probation, then we will either refund 50% of the recruitment fee to you, or offer a replacement candidate.

If we think that a requirement is beyond the scope of ThaiHeadhunter's service then we will tell you. Similarly, we do not recruit Thai staff for overseas placement, nor do we offer contract staff.

Our primary focus is on experienced, professional candidates - generally those candidates who have at least two years proven experience in their chosen industry, and who have college degrees, or the equivalent vocational training.

If you have current requirements for experienced technical or professional staff, but do not have the luxury of a large in-house HR team or the budget for high-end recruitment consultants if you are a growing SME or startup in Thailand or you simply want access to great candidates at a fair price - then ThaiHeadhunter is for you!

Recruiment agency in Thailand

About Thai Headhunter is a group of technical experts, HR professionals and recruiters who have knowledge and direct experience of the recruiting industry that spans some 30 years.

As a team, we created our company to answer the need for effective low-cost sourcing of candidates. We saw that normal job boards certainly can and do deliver some resumes in response to a job posting, but that the quality and 'match' required by HR or the Hiring Manager is not delivered. and the costs of using traditional recruitment are too expensive

This is where can become a key part of your Recruiting Strategy.

Quality Candidates, at a Fair Market Price, with Full Quality of Service Recruiment agency in Thailand

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